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      adv   the day before yesterday  
Il est arrivé avant-hier.      He arrived the day before yesterday.  
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avant-hier adv.
the day before yesterday

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avant-hier soir
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"avant-hier" : exemples et traductions en contexte
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J'étais justement à Whitehorse avant-hier. I was in Whitehorse the day before yesterday, in fact.
Une autre potentielle est arrivée avant-hier. Another potential arrived in town the day before yesterday.
Elle a failli tuer John avant-hier. Sandal T Leather Strap T Strap Two days ago, she almost killed John.
Il était en bonne santé avant-hier. He's young, and he was perfectly healthy two days ago.
Enfin, ça allait jusqu'à avant-hier. Or it was until the other day.
C'est l'impure kidnappée avant-hier. It's the defiled child that was kidnapped the day before yesterday.
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T Leather Strap T Sandal Strap
Our leather sandals are special and different because:

- The sandals are made of premium Italian vegetative processed leather.

- Our leather is colored only with natural extracts from plants by ancient recipes in Tuscany (Italy), and not like the majority of sandals from cheap chemically treated leather. Remember that the sandals are shod on bare feet!

- The leather is very soft and will not ulcerate your feet and at the same time does not stretch.

- Extremely durable. These sandals are designed for all-day walks. You will wear them the next 3-4 years.

- The sandals have a quality certificate, we have the authority to use the logo "Real Italian leather." Only 7 workshops for processing of leather in the world can provide such authority.

- The soles are of premium natural Spanish rubber following your every move. They do not slide and do not deform over time.

- The warranty for all of our products is one calendar year.

- They are handmade ??with lots of love and effort especially for you :)



8.7" - 9" // 22.2 - 22.8cm - US6 / EU 36 / UK4

9" - 9.3" // 22.9 - 23.5cm - US7 / EU 37 / UK5

9.3" - 9.4" // 23.6 - 24.0cm - US8 / EU 38 / UK6

9.5" - 9.7" // 24.1 - 24.6cm - US9 / EU 39 / UK7

9.7" - 9.9" // 24.7 - 25.2cm - US10 / EU 40 / UK8

10" - 10.2" // 25.3 - 25.9cm - US11 / EU 41 / UK9

Please start the measurement from your longest toe. In most cases this is the thumb, but there are always exceptions, so make the measurement from the longest finger regardless of which it is. There is no need to grant any additional millimeters, needed is only the exact size of your foot.

Example: If the size of your foot is between 9" - 9.3" (22.9 to 23.5cm) your number is US6 / EU36 / UK4 (the table above)




The vegetative treatment is a process born in the nature. The vegetative processed leathers contain no toxic substances such as azo dyes, nickel, pentachlorophenol, chromium VI, all substances that are harmful to humans and the environment. These substances are the main causes of a number of allergies. Due to the absence of heavy metals and the presence only of natural extracts, the leather is in perfect harmony with the environment.

Additional information:

- The technological process is subject to strict continuous monitoring, with which to ensure the low impact on the human the environment and the right natural selection of the materials. This control is performed by the